Marble Wine Chiller White
Marble Wine Chiller White
Marble Wine Chiller White
Marble Wine Chiller White
Marble Wine Chiller White
Marble Wine Chiller White
Marble Wine Chiller White
Marble Wine Chiller White
Marble Wine Chiller White

Marble Wine Chiller White

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Bullet Points
  • MARBLE WINE CHILLER- Made of 100% smooth, solid, and durable marble, this wine cooler will add a touch of elegance to any event! This wine chiller has been designed to hold most wine and champagne bottles, but feel free to use it for any other beverages just as a bottle of water or juice for those hot summer days!
  • PORTABLE CHILLER- This marble wine chiller can easily be carried around for picnics or outdoor events. Enjoy a cool and refreshing beverage no matter where you are without having to carry around a massively inconvenient icebox!
  • VERSATILE CONTAINER- This beverage cooler can be used in a variety of other ways such as a kitchen utensil holder, an office or school supplies holder, or even a flower vase! This way, the wine holder is constantly being used even when there isn’t a bottle around!
  • ELEGANT DESIGN- This wine holder looks very stylish and modern no matter where you keep it. The classic design of the natural stone also adds a touch of nature to your home and easily fits in with any contemporary or modern décor.
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR WINE ENTHUSIASTS- This wine bottle holder will prove to be a great gift for any wine lover! It is a stylish and dependable product that will keep their favorite drink cool for hours. Plus it looks pretty and has multiple uses!

Are you tired of carrying around massive iceboxes every time you go camping, a picnic, or any outdoor event? Wish there was a simple way of carrying your favorite beverage and keep it cool for hours at the same time?

Then this Homeries Marble Wine Chiller is for you!

This wine accessory is made of solid marble and ensures that your wine or champagne stays chilled for hours. The marble is polished on the outside but rough on the inside to make it easier to wash and clean without accidentally dropping the holder. The champagne chiller also features a felt base to ensure that the chiller will leave no scratch marks on your countertops and keep them undamaged.

The wine fridge is large enough to accommodate a single wine or champagne bottle. But you should feel free to use this for any beverage! You can use it to keep your beer cool, or even your water and juice!

Additionally, this holder can be used to hold kitchen items and utensils, as well as hold office of school supplies. It can also double up as a flower vase or a simple marble centerpiece when not in use! So this way, this wine cooler refrigerator is a great gift not just for a wine lover, but for anyone!

This versatile product is sure to be well-liked and received by your loved ones!

How to use

1) Store the holder in the freezer or refrigerator 15-20 minutes before use
2) Place the bottle in the chiller for a cold and refreshing beverage that stays cool for hours



  • Made from marble
  • Felt bottom ensures scratch-free surfaces
  • Keeps bottles chilled for hours
  • Portable & travel-friendly
  • Ideal for picnics & outdoor events
  • Fits average wine or champagne bottle
  • Can be used to store miscellaneous kitchen utensils
  • Can be used to store office supplies
  • Can be used as a flower vase
  • Ideal gift for wine enthusiasts