Expandable 3-Tier Spice Rack
Expandable 3-Tier Spice Rack

Expandable 3-Tier Spice Rack

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  • 3 TIERS- Three tiers of this spice rack, designed to provide you with both space and visibility so you can store the items you need in the best way possible. The different levels help you read the labels clearly and the open design means you can easily reach for whichever spice you require.
  • EXPANDABLE CUSTOMIZED FIT- This expandable feature on this spice rack organizer makes it unique. The best part is that it requires no hardware. You simply have to set it down and expand it to whatever size you need for a customized spice storage organizer.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR SPACE- This tier spice rack can be used not only to store spices but also to organize and declutter your bedside drawer, your bathroom cabinet, your work desk, and even your other kitchen cabinets. This multi-purpose tool can even be used to keep baking and cooking ingredients separate.
  • VERSATILE STORAGE CONTAINER- As mentioned above, this spice organizer can be used to also organize your medicine cabinet as the open levels ensure that you can read the labels easily and accurately. This product will help you feel more organized.
  • BPA-FREE- This acrylic spice rack is BPA-free and therefore safe to be used with food. So, without thinking twice or worrying about it, feel free to get more of these organizers and use them in the kitchen!